Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bonnie's Bowdana

Now diz was werry funny........bootiful Bonnie the westie wanted to order one of our Bowdana's BUT as a surprise Bonnie's handsum boyfriend Jack had alweddy put an order in fur one as a surprise fur his we had to do a bit of cloak and dagger as Bonnie's mum had ordered xtra bling and couldn't work out why mummy hadnt billed her for the extra bling......she juz kept saying s'ok....we will sort it out ! ha ha we started da blinging for da Bon Bon.

So here is Jack, Bonnie's beau

JackMcWestie is from North Wales and as he says (and it's troo) he is a Cool dude looking for anipals. Love to tweet, eat and keep fit. Live life of luxury. wag wag

So you can see why he be in love wiv Bon Bon and Bonnie Boo in lubs wiv hm, here be Bonnie before she did gettid da Bling Bling Bowdana......................

As u kan see she is werry werry gawjus and alreddy has her bling on her collar but Bonnie wanted more and what Bonnie wants Bonnie gets (BOILED EGGS) be her favourite tweat at da moment !!!
Da day came when her parcel was delibered but no-body waz home.....when Bonnie's mum and Dad went to da post office....dis be too....dey woodnt gib dem da parcel cuz it waz addwessed ta Bonnie and she had to provide photo I.D !!! Dey ebin went back wiv her Kennel Club papers and pointed out dat she waz a dog but NOPE dey woodn't how wedikuloos is dat ??? So silly postperson said dey wood redeliba it on saturday so dey all waited in werry excitid, Bonnie knew sumfink spechul waz coming for her cuz she chozid da colour and amount a bling she wanted so she waited ALL morning at da window and wood not budge till Mr Postman came....................see here
So finally on Saturday 10th September..................there was a knock on the door ...............................and we dont need any more words.............just looky look  at Bonnie the superdogel !!!!!
and the denim reverse !!!
So how's about that was definately worth the wait and dis is what Bonnie's mummy said :

Thank you so much. I am blown away here and she loves it. I can't stop looking at Bonnie, she looks so cute. She loves it so much. I took it off her when she had her dippy egg and she looked at me and tried to grab it back! When she had finished her egg she ran to have it back on! I can't believe how kind Claire and Jack are. I am simply blown away. Love from a very proud Donna and Bonnie xx

The End


Anonymous said...

Cutest Westies ever.......really lovely

Anonymous said...

Wot a luberly lub stowy, dey be so copac, compate, compatable. Tepo xx

Minnie The Westie said...

Awww, that is such a wuffly story! Puppy love! Bonnie and Jack are such a pawsome couple.

Love the bowdana!

Minnie xx

Anonymous said...

dey be berry good lookin westies.....handsum JackMcwestie and Beautilitious Bonnie.....I would like to order a sparkling Bandana or Bowdana....can you tell me how.....I will tweet you as well